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Upgrade your Lens, Upgrade your Life.


A couple mornings ago I found myself riding a bicycle down a mountain road in Boulder, Colorado. Hot air balloons hung over green mountains against a deep blue sky. Deer followed me with their eyes.

The maniacal grin on my grill shouted, “Whutup, DEER?!?! I’m on a f*cking BIKE! In Boulder, Colorado!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

In this exhilarating moment my entire life caught the tailwind.

We are blessed to experience moments such as these in any given day. We are even more blessed to share these with other human beings.

I was hugely blessed to consciously recognize this event passing through.

Our Lens is built from the go-to filters we choose throughout our lives, and in these moments of rapture our physical experience merges with it.

Hence, the balloons, and the sky, and the deer. We can become fully present on a cinematic scale, realizing our place within all of it. Talk about perspective. Talk about putting your petty, First World problems into context.

The day was already an ass-kicking win by 7:00 AM MST. Better yet, because I had caught my stride, many more such moments followed throughout the day and the weekend.


FACT: If you maintain and enhance your Lens,
you will experience more
power-moments throughout your day and your life.


Priming your Lens.


The Lens governs all we experience, so what are you doing to improve it? Are you gravitating toward life-nourishing or life-depleting information and people?


We need to constantly protect, and polish our Lens. People will happily force theirs upon you if you don’t. We’re at a point with technology blasting in our faces where we need to physically remove ourselves from messaging & agendas.


Protect. Nourish. Replenish. Repeat.


The other option is to play everyone else’s game and follow them into the chaos. (If that’s your choice please have fun and let me know how it works out for you.) :)


Testing your Lens.

We tend to freak the hell out in the face of chaos or adversity. There will be times when we are under attack.In the consistent practice of cultivating a strong, resilient, and limitless lens we are hedging our bets against infiltration from the external world.

In the testing of our lens, our focus improves.
You can get to a place where you bless and thank
every hater or non-believer.
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Thank the South for reminding you where true North is.


Trusting your Lens.

Personally I trust your lens because you make good choices and believe in the good of others. Sure, all of us also have our shadow self along for the ride, but why would you give them administrator rights to the lens?


Our inner critic, hater, or Black Spidey can also help light our path.


The great news is that you are the culmination of all you’ve ever lived. Your work is to prune all the shit you don’t need and remember that you only get to choose what you hold on to.


Personally, I trust your lens because you are so clever and stylish. And cool. And smart. And…


Adjusting and Changing your Lens.


We’ll reach points where our entire lens doesn’t serve us anymore. Are you going to hold on so tight that changing events shatter the frame, or are you going to adapt?


You need to be wide open to new information and ways of doing things. Especially in an ever-increasingly fast paced world. Change is the only constant.


Protect, hold on, and defend your lens as you would your sense of style. Yet, don’t fail to recognize that everything is entitled to change.


Chances are you’ve worn some crazy shit you wouldn’t be caught dead in today. What serves us well through certain chapters of our lives has only prepared us for this current passage. Like my perm. Or my Cavaricci designer slacks. Or my Stryper denim jacket…


Snap on new filters. Test, and adjust. Once you are back in focus, protect and nurture them.


* * *

In that moment on the mountain I was physically alone, yet I carried my family with me. I was heading to a meet up with a new family of friends, mentors, and teachers. The rush of adrenaline, gratitude, and excitement brought my life into full focus.

It was a state of complete connection to everyone, and everything. I was the luckiest biker on Earth. In these moments we catch up with the Goodness we’ve been gently curating for years, if not lifetimes.


Was this just a ride into a meeting, or was this a revolutionary experience?


Some day when I’m much older my cloudy eyes will look back through the lens to revel in that moment.


So it has been with the births of our children, my wife’s passing glance across different chapters of our life together, or the sunrise over my first marathon…


The Lens governs all we experience in this epic life.


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8 Responses

  1. This was completely exhilarating and inspiring, KC. As usual. Awesome stuff and thank you for letting us ride along on your journeys. Your words are magic.

    Much love and light,


  2. That’s IT! I’m going to Boulder!!! LOL. You should write for their tourism board.

    Seriously LOVE your lens and for sharing it with us. Remarkable life you lead sir.

    1. Ha, nice Jon. That wouldn't be such a bad gig. I'll take it under advisement. Thanks for the comment, and for reading the site. Much more to come.


    1. I concur. This will sound pretty META, but your comment about POWER-MOMENTS was a POWER-MOMENT for me.


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