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25 Min – Deepest Gratitude Meditation

This week’s theme is tapping into our Deepest Gratitude.

Being grateful for what we have takes us out of that state of striving & frustration from not having everything we want right this second. This meditation reminds us: We are 1, we are complete, we have access to everything we need at all times.

This 25 min ambient-meditation will give you:

  • A visualization to inventory what you’re most grateful for.
  • Gaps of ambient space for personal reflection.
  • Repetitive reminders: We are 1, We are Complete, We have access to everything we need at all times.


Recorded live  as part of The Pause, a global virtual meditation meet-up. Join our meditation group “This Epic Life – The Pause” in the Insight Timer app found on the iTunes App Store.

My full library of free guided meditations are also available in the Insight Timer app. Free.

Thanks for listening, and for showing up for yourself. What themes would best serve you? Let’s hear them below! -kc

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One Response

  1. KC….I must tell you,,,I just finished the Deepest Gratitude Meditation and it was EXCELLENT! I have listened to countless guided meditations and this ranks at the top. I am not just saying this because I know you, but because it truly made a difference. Before I began this mediation I felt like a ball of rubber bands. I couldn’t expand. I could barely take a deep breath. Afterwards, I felt light, both as a feather and awakened. I can breathe. And I am grateful. I am struggling with an injury that is keeping me from being able to run, but I am grateful that I can do other things. Along with Deepak, your guided meditations will now be a staple for me. Thanks for reminding me that everything i need, I have.


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