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25 Min – Meditation – “Here to Serve”

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About this Episode

25 Min – Guided Meditation – Theme: “Here to Serve”

Turned sideways in your job or business? Are clients or your boss driving you nuts? This guided meditation will help level you out, and reorient you toward the goal: serving others like it’s your pleasure.

Ambient Guided Meditation from Kristoffer Carter (kc) of @ThisEpicLife. Recorded live on The Pause global meditation meet-up, June 11th 2015.

For this session, the theme is “service” and being “here to serve”. It’s the balancing point of humility and ambition. Serving others reorients us toward our path, while the ego nags us to keep us trapped in our head.

Maybe we “work our jobs” or maybe we “practice our art.” Both require serving others at a high level to deserve the compensation we’re looking for.

We deserve only a fraction of the value we create for others. We can slog through our workdays, or let our clients drag us around by our hair… or we can pursue Ease. Flow. Service.

This 30 min meditation includes:

  • Direction on basic posture and correct breathing to get your own attention
  • Inspiration to put the time into creating your practice
  • Visualizations to anchor your focus and self-belief

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