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25-min Meditation: Deepen Your Presence


“…Looking through the spaces when everything slowed down,
I felt the illusion of my own boundaries melt and became one.
It was the same energy as everything else.
There was no “me”; no small ego needing everything to be fixed.”
– C.L., UK


Access the podcast in the iTunes Podcast App, just search This Epic Life.

Also available below via SoundCloud, or the download link above.

Quick question to answer below: If you’ve made it to The Pause live, what is it about it that keeps you coming back? If you tune into the podcasts what works and what would you like to see more of? Your feedback is so important to me. THANKS! -kc

In this week’s session we cover:
1) How to slow down all the worries and concerns that nag at us.
2) How to access our singular presence.
3) 25-Min Ambient Guided Meditation

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4 Responses

  1. Have really been LOVING these! Such amazing journeys you take us on. Have been sharing them with my family and friends. Keep them coming, KC! We need The Pause.

  2. How do you get in “the zone”? Because what I’m hearing week to week is so totally different, yet with a major thread of continuity… Has been cool to see how your work is evolving.

    The Pause taps into some fundamental Busy Human Needs. The challenge is they don’t know how bad they really need it.

  3. Thanks for uploading the session. This one was really great even without taking Part in the live Session.
    Just one idea: Can you upload them into insight timer ?

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