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Stumbling Toward Genius Ep. #20: Permission to Glow with Cynthia Morris

One of the things people often say they need when embarking on a creative project is something I can’t give them. Permission.

I’m not the authority or the all-knowing one who metes out permission. Permission comes from inside. As adults, we decide how we devote ourselves to our creative projects.

While I don’t think permission comes from someone else, I do believe that role models help us see what’s possible. Permission can come from seeing how someone else boldly carves out their own path. Permission comes from seeing someone else demonstrate that it’s okay to express our authentic selves.

I felt this sense of permission the minute Kristoffer Carter crossed my path almost ten years ago. There is something about him, from his unabashed energy to his ability to connect with anyone, anywhere, that inspired me. Some would call it ‘unfiltered’.

Kristoffer, or KC, and I were part of a year-long program together. This time changed our lives and also revealed that we are what we call ‘soul siblings’. KC has had a profound influence on my growth as a person and artist. He was the first person I interviewed for Stumbling Toward Genius, and I am delighted to bring this episode to you.

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