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Community Feature: Sara-Brannin Mooser— The Strength + Courage to Teach

“Our workouts aren’t about transformation. They’re about Liberation.” -SBM

This week we’re featuring a member of our This Epic Life Community, who I feel radiates the work we do around here.

People hear “Permission to Glow in the Dark” and usually think, “Yeah. I want THAT!” However, we usually don’t realize how crucial the other two Permissions are (To Chill, and To Feel All The Feels).

Sara Brannin-Mooser is someone who is so growth-obsessed, but in all the best ways. She’s willing to do The Work beyond striving for the end result. Pursuing “Chill” and “Feeling the Feels” is an inside job, and requires more showing up all over our lives.

Since I met Sara in 2016, I’ve witnessed her growth at a few levels. Last night, she told me in the (amazing) fitness classes she teaches online, she’s “not interested in transformation, or traditional fitness before-and-after photos”.

So, what is she interested in?


Spike the Mic, Badass…

Getting stuff done, launching a program, or in Sara’s case— piloting a whole new virtual fitness platform is an aspect of Glowing in the Dark. It’s the audacity to believe we can pull off the unprecedented. In the U2 song Moment of Surrender, Bono sings the line “vision over visibility.”

We get to fully be ourselves when we’re willing to say, do, or execute the uncomfortable thing. Are you willing to be uncomfortable, while releasing your attachment to results?

In our non-attachment, we receive the gift of who we become in the process.

I see Sara doing this over, and over, and over. It’s inspiring. Every time she steps out a little more, she glows a little brighter. She was already a business owner, mom of 2, and incredible writer. But I recall our early video calls where she was mostly backlit, sitting far from the camera. Like a distant silhouette.

Sara came on my radar back in 2016, when she joined This Epic Life’s “The New Sobriety” program. She was just a couple years behind me in exploring life beyond alcohol. We worked together in a coaching capacity through the exit of her franchise partnership.

We meditated together during our Encinitas retreats, and she got certified as a meditation teacher in her own right through Susan Piver & Jenna Hollenstein’s meditation teacher training.

But that’s not all. Sara massively stepped-up her own self-care, and fitness practices. She ran more marathons, hitting her personal record as she approached her mid-40s. She led our fitness sessions in Encinitas, where I had the SURREAL experience of Sara kicking our asses, while I played patty-cake-crunches with our hero Dr. Michael Lennox. 🙂

Sara started sharing more of her sobriety journey in social media, which developed its own following, and universally powerful response. She became a fierce advocate for herself, her family, and her vision.

She built a virtual fitness studio in her backyard, and doubled-down on being a teacher. Her curiosity and grit helped her figure out new ways to deliver her classes.

Last Fall, when Sara joined our Mastermind “This Epic Circle”, I remember doing a couple high-kicks in my office. She shared her new fitness + lifestyle brand would be called Stoking Radiance. The only obvious response was “HELL YESSS!” (followed by the high-kicks).

Like many of us busy parents, Sara has lived many lives in her career. She has been a youth minister and spokeswoman for her church, she has been an owner/partner in a Fit4Mom franchise, and most recently she struck out on her own with Stoking Radiance.

Stoking Radiance excites me, and everyone who takes her classes, because it’s that rare integration of the Soul and Work non-negotiables for Sara. And for the people who came to sweat, they get an immersive experience that’s a full workout, a big dose of motivation, and a cool-down that ends with a beautiful guided meditation.

There are plenty of people who work-out all the time, who aren’t quite radiant, who don’t fully Glow in the Dark. Sara achieves this by giving herself and others Permission to Glow. It’s new, it’s weird by common practices, and it completely kicks ass.

This extends beyond her work. Sara is a bit quiet by nature, but when she weighs in during our Circle Calls, she shifts peoples’ perspectives. The knowledge bombs drop, and the lessons are learned. She is directly responsible for another member celebrating 45 days of sobriety.

If I’m here to facilitate more of her growth as a leader, teacher, or entrepreneur— it’s THAT. When our throat chakra is aligned our purpose, Permission to Glow in the Dark is granted.

Another quick word on results…

Make no mistake— results, enrollment, and revenue absolutely matter. We have these kids to feed, and trips we want to take! But the numbers inevitably follow the early, often messy commitment to do something that hasn’t been done before. At least, not by us.

This has been the fun, if not squirmy part of being a coach— watching people like Sara blow past the barrier of The Comfort Zone and do her thing anydamnway.

Doing YOUR thing often includes asking for what you need, figuring out some really hard stuff, admitting what isn’t working, optimizing, then showing up again to deliver it at a higher level.

Aligning your work with who you are at your core isn’t some joyride. If it were, don’t you think more of us would be doing it?

Learn more about Sara’s online classes at Stoking Radiance.

Read her Sara Brannin-Mooser’s bio here.

Connect with Sara here: Facebook | Instagram

Stoking Radiance on Facebook

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