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My Radio Enso Interview – 02.24.14

My friend Greg Berg is an inspired guy. He has produced over 115 sixty-minute live interviews with world shakers and teachers from every corner of the planet through his show Radio Enso. We met when he was teaching a “How to Podcast” course during our mutually favorite conference, Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit.

Greg has become a true ally, and ardent supporter of my work via This Epic Life. Last night’s conversation flowed so candidly and effortlessly. An hour zipped by in what felt like 10 minutes! Having attended every one of my “2014 Project” shows this year, Greg raised some very thoughtful, deep questions. Such a skilled, soulful interviewer who brings out the best in his guests… (Don’t tell him I was just honored to be there, let alone take it to the rapid-fire-mile-high-vibe we did.) 🙂

Just humbled, and grateful. You know? Please find the full interview below. You can also access it (Episode #117) through the iTunes Podcast portal here.

Anything we didn’t cover? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! -kc


Radio Enso Episode #117  – Show Information:

Join me Monday, February 24th at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 Eastern on Radio Enso. My guest will be Culture Catalyst and Power Amplifier Kristoffer Carter of This Epic Life. KC returns to the show to talk all about his Your 2014 Project, his work on Jonathan FieldsGood Life Project, taking meditation into businesses, The Framework– his multi-media manifesto on how to ROCK a happier, more energized, and integrated life, and much more.

About Kristoffer Carter: Culture Catalyst for business & Power Amplifier for individuals, “KC” takes his multimedia “Framework” manifesto into organizations and campuses around the country. By day, KC oversees Sales Education & Development for Centro, and online start-up with over 30 offices in North America. Centro’s legendary company culture has helped them be named the #1 Best Place to Work in Chicago the last 3 consecutive years (2013, 2012, & 2011) by Crain’s Business.

KC is a Kriyaban yogi, avid runner, Father of 3 with a wife of 14 years, and recording artist. He is also #HELLBENT on helping you be who you are wherever you are.

For more about Kristoffer and his work, visit https://epicleadership.org.

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4 Responses

  1. Yes! So happy you posted the replay I couldn’t make it last night. I’m sure it’s great. Going to listen on my lunch break. You’ve been on fire this year, KC!

    So appreciate all you do for us in the 2014 Project, and beyond. I learn a little something every time.

    Will spread the word. Thanks for having him on, Greg.


    1. What a great note! So cool to see you back here, commenting and what not. Greg’s the bomb, right? Love his show.

      Was so pleased with how it turned out.

      He didn’t even Barbara Walters me by making me cry. He tried with the questions about my Pops, but I held strong.

      (was trying to impress you Stacy). 🙂


  2. KC! Great work last night. Such a cool, free flowing conversation. Definitely agree with your word above Re: Greg’s interview Skillz. You both had such a natural chemistry and it was cool to hear how into the 2014 Project he has been. Good stuff.

  3. applause, kc! was reverberating with your audio vibes from down here in Costa Rica. Love your message, and your inspiring example. Keep it coming. We need it.

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