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Every Tuesday This Epic Life Podcast hosts conversations at the intersection of business and consciousness.

We explore the connection between building a conscious LIFE, and building a conscious TEAM, or a conscious BUSINESS.

We also break down 3 powerful permissions with our guests:

1 – Permission to Chill
2 – Permission to Feel All the Feels and
3 – Permission to Glow in the Dark





Come meet incredible leaders and creators. Learn more about how they live, and how they contribute to the world we deserve.

Guests include C-Level executives on how they create culture that drives impact. Or teachers and authors like Susan Piver, or Lodro Rinzler on building communities, and a business that elevates consciousness. We also interview incredible artists like singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco on their creative process.

Hosted by yogi, Dad, and executive coach KC (Kristoffer Carter).

Listen and access all show notes below. If you have a request for a particular guest, please contact us directly here.

Thanks for listening!


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