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The #OCTSOBER Challenge

In a week of hurricanes, rampaging wildfires, and nuclear rhetoric, do we need one-more thing to be freaked out about? Apparently not, which could be the reason adults are checking out, and drinking more than ever before.

This new research creeped me out:

While underage drinking has declined in recent years, adult consumption increased across all demographics. The jump was also especially large for older Americans, minorities, and people with lower levels of education and income.”

– JAMA Psychiatry September 2017
Remarkable Increases In Alcohol Abuse Disorders

If you want to quickly gauge just how much you’re consuming, and what it costs in terms of your money and time, try our simple drinking calculator.

And as these literal, emotional, and political disasters rage around our world,
I am reminded once again:

There’s no greater work than staying awake.
We can’t fix our troubled world while remaining numb to it.”

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Today, a reader published a conversation we had about The Drinks back in the spring. It summarizes everything I’ve learned about rewiring the haywire habit of drinking. Thanks goes Susie deVille for a a great interview.

This article captures the spirit behing this October’s 30-Day Challenge, and why it is so valuable in these turbulent times.



Sobriety & Staying out of the Creativity Doom Loop by Susie deVille. 


I believe that the most sacred thing you can do for yourself is to protect your energy. By establishing and keeping consistent with healthy habits and rituals, you give yourself the opportunity to live a clear, focused, and happy life. You also “set the table” for the muse and open your own innate, divine channels to creativity. Conversely, a foggy mind and muddled soul impede not only your well being, but also your ability to access your creativity fully.

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Kristoffer “KC” Carter about sobriety, meditation, and living an epically well-lived life. Sobriety is not just about abstaining from drinking or not consuming substances that numb you and distance you from your best self. As KC explains in our discussion, sobriety can take your life to an entirely new level of joy, freedom, creative connection, and peace. For KC, meditation was his path to sobriety, and is the lead domino for all of his other healthy choices. Continue reading…







The Crazy-Ass Impact of Drinking Less : The Real, and Sunken Costs of The Drinks. 

12 Shocking Upgrades Sans Booze

Why I Choose Sobriety.

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New Song Celebrating 5 Years Beyond Drinks: Autopilot

Quickly Calculate The Costs/Toll of Your Drinking – Drinks Calculator



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