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99 Red Balloons Insanity

Oh me, oh my it’s Funky Friday again! The GOAL of Funky Friday is two fold. First, it’s to liberate us from any lingering monotony, or meandering through our cluttered news feed. Second, it’s to inspire others to throw caution, perfectionism, & excuses to the wind and just Let It Rip. The world needs YOUR sweet, funky-ass grooves.

Just lay them down, with no apologies.

What’s the song this week? Great question. I guess you’ll have to watch. 🙂 I will warn you: There are a couple bass pyrotechnics I haven’t had the nuts to attempt since my early 20s. (I may have thrown out my back in the process. LOLz)

That’s back to the WHY: Take some risks, while trying to maintain the grin on yer grill.

Finally, as always the shares and comments are SO MUCH appreciated. Really adds fuel to the fire and sparks new ideas. If you feel the itch:

1) Consider sharing it to your wall with a sentence about WHY you did it. Team work makes The Dream Work. (ok, I’ll knock the crap off )

2) Comment below with any questions, feedback, or garbled gibberish.

Feeling grateful to share some of the creativity I picked up as a kid. Helps keep me young, and shows my own kids to never stop letting the FREAK FLAG FLY.

RrrrrrrrrRRRRAST-FAR-EYE. xoxoxo


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