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Reframing Holiday Anxiety

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This year I’m really present, and sensitive to all the anxiety our culture manufactures around the holidays.


The shopping, the sweets, and opportunities to drink, all while managing the pressure cookers of family obligations, renewing health insurance, and wrapping up business for the year. Plus the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D in many regions.


Consider giving yourself 1 (or ALL)
of the 3 Permissions


  1. PERMISSION TO CHILL. These pressures don’t need to be real. Hit pause whenever you need to. Meditate on your commitment to your Epic Life. Listen to what the true Spirit of the season has to say.


  2. PERMISSION TO FEEL ALL THE FEELS. Tap out, and own your pain. Share where you’re suffering, and whats hard for you. Tune so deeply into your gratitude that it pours from your eyes.
  3. PERMISSION TO GLOW IN THE DARK. Summon the fury, and unleash your authentic merriment. Like Scrooge in the final act. Like the Grinch with the massive heart. Go Beast Mode on every holiday dance floor. Blast the JOY.



The Vibes of this magical season are all around us, when we’re able to receive them through the static. Let the snow globe settle…

See, BE, and REVEL in What Is Real.


Maybe YOU are the Dahoo in the Dorray. Maybe YOU are the Christmas Turkey. Maybe YOU are the reason your relatives don’t dread the gathering.


Release the pressure, and Receive the Magic.

Our family watched the (truly excellent) Pooh film Christopher Robin. On our kitchen dry erase board, my wife Gayle wrote these brilliant, zen lines:

“Yesterday, when it was tomorrow, was too much day for me.” said Pooh.

“What day is it now?” said Pooh.

“Today” said Christopher Robin.

“Oh,” said Pooh. “That’s my favorite day.”

The anxiety is there to remind us what is real, and why we do it every year.


It’s not a price tag for all The Magic.

What do you find helpful this time of year?





Kristoffer Carter 
(“KC”) is the creator of This Epic Life, which provides coaching to executives and founders of culture-conscious organizations, as well as meditation training. As a meditation teacher, KC has over 33,000 active students on Insight Timer. As a workplace culture consultant, he has designed + delivered programs for AT&T, Avery-Dennison, Good Life Project™, IAC Applications, and many more. KC’s work has been featured in Business Insider, onstage at TEDx (“What if change was FUN?”) Wisdom 2.0, and in countless conferences and podcast interviews.

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