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Business Traveler’s Prayer

I get to chase the sun West to East, and back again
Free from the bed-to-desk round trips,
eager to mix it up with those compatible
and especially those Incompatible,
who help me set the height of my ceiling
Because I remember that all cooperatives began as uncooperative
And when I slip out of pocket from
this inbox grind, watching & waiting for the next problem to arrive
The grind always releases, and
I become jammed in the ON position
from first light until last call —
Where my thoughts, sincerity, humor, and creativity
become fluid, more lucid,
more capable of
Serving, altering outcomes, and adding value
Until no competitor, no market condition,
no external force can
touch my knowing of what I’m contributing
and why
All of this to improve lives
and to keep all of our lights on,
warmer and
more welcome

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4 Responses

  1. I'm heading out this week for a few days. Printed this to keep by my side as I gather my stuff. Interesting that we don't realize the levels of anxiety that slowly creep up around this "art" of business travel. I accept that it's necessary, but anything we can do to make it more "pleasant' I'm completely on board for! Thanks for posting this. Thoughtful, for sure.

    1. testify Brother John! send your friends. Infinitely more where this came from. I have a long week in Detroit this week… Need to print it mydamnself! hahahahaha

      Thanks, bro


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