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Simplifying + Aligning Your 2018

If you need an inspiring crash-course in my framework of Full-Life Integration™, you should listen to this week’s interview with Joel Zaslofsky on the Smart and Simple Matters Podcast.

I’ve walked listeners through this process on many podcasts over the years, and I can honestly say Joel’s was the most fun, clear, and inspired conversation. He has a gift for asking the right questions, sharing how it has affected his journey, etc.

Plus, he’s just a warm, goofy dude. Listen and download on iTunes Here.




I’ve been in a creative immersion since the retreat, resulting in a streamlined 1 sheet for 2018. Since experiencing some of the greatest clarity, vision, and joy at the retreat, I came back possessed to design something elegant for my coaching and organizational clients. Something That Works. 

My Weird Ritual. I typically devote the week between Christmas and New Years to doing Brian Tracy’s Ultimate Goals Program in its entirety.

And you know what?

After 7 or so years of this masochistic tradition, I realized it doesn’t even work for me! Honestly, neither do self-imposed SMART goals.

And resolutions? Hahah

My inspiration for this is the story of Chinese Bamboo, which reportedly grows 80+ feet in 6 weeks after being watered for 4 years. We need root systems, that are aligned to Who We Uniquely Are at our core. 

Roots that support staggering growth beyond what we can work out on paper.


I’ve distilled this process down to the following
(in reverse alignment, or from the outside in). 


From the top:

1 – 5 priorities or projects.

2 – Aligned to those are key allies, partners or mentors.

3 – Next section is the Root System: 5 Non-Negotiables (Soul, Vitality, Family, Art, and Work).

4 – There also 10 Integration Points that weave your 5 non-negotiables together.

This is efficient, yet deep practice and self-care.

5 – And the foundation of it all is the powerful #LensStatement, or how you view and process the world around you, and your place in it.


The Lens can either enhance, or diminish all you experience. Kinda important to be intentional on that piece.


Is this something I should share with you?

Would you use it, and what would be the best format for me to walk you through it? 


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