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What is breaking your heart at the moment?

My beloved friend and teacher, the amazing Dr. Alice Bandy.

I’m present to a low-to-high hum of angst— asking if I could’ve done more, accomplished more, or made some greater effort at enacting change.

Also, there’s no shortage of politicians, pundits, or weather systems selling us on feeling powerless.

We’re bombarded with ideas of what this season is supposed to mean. All of the noise, pressure, and incompletion of another decade coming to a close, and coming to a head.

Do you have Permission to Chill, and just BE with all of it?

Some Divine Plan has teed up this monstrous level of contrast for us— we have the privilege of living in an era of unprecedented personal freedom to live life on our terms.

And, that sweet freedom is under attack on all sides.

When we allow our precious silence to speak, what is it saying? It reminds me that silence itself is in here, somewhere. We can powerfully choose silence, and in doing so, impose our will on a relentlessly chaotic world.

Silence is the blood flowing deep in your ears, the distant waves hitting the shore, or the migrating birds high above my skylights.

Silence is God’s plan unfolding— regardless of what any politician or pundit has to say about it.

And also, in silence we receive more empowered marching orders. When we give ourselves the gift of intuition, we know we’re here for something far greater than worrying about ourselves.

We are here to shepherd the change we wish to experience. We can uplift, serve, and inspire.

We can paint our vibrant voices on a canvas of silence.

It’s funny to me how a word like “snowflake” can be appropriated and weaponized to diminish our power. Go on and tell us we are weak to feel, to care, to idealize a world where everyone gets a voice.

Look closer at every one of us, even those of us who are unwilling to look closely at ourselves. We are infinitely unique, intricate, nuanced, and beautiful. We are sacred geometry, whether or not we ever take the time to realize it.

But those of us who DO realize it… We are still reading right now. We have been giving ourselves all 3 permissions (to varying degrees) throughout an entire decade.

We are just chill enough to remember this too shall pass. We feel just enough to grieve every injustice, and transmute it into outrage, and focused effort. We glow in the darkness of whatever surrounds us— essentially all uncertainty at this point.

What can truly be done to fend off the wolves at our door?

I say BE in it, with them.

Be in the heart, in the fear, in the powerlessness…

But only long enough to hear what they’re telling you. Divine Mother is constantly asking how we really want things to go. She’s saying, “yes. That is accurate if it feels like your truth. But what are you going to DO with it? What are you here to CREATE?”

She speaks powerful reminders through her soul-soothing, waves of silence that wash through us:

“I have sent help for these perilous times you find yourself in. I have sent YOU. That you may truly find yourself. Realize yourself through your silence. Feel into your internal navigation. Unleash My Great Light from wherever you are in this world.”

They say powerless. I say All Powerful.

Our power is displayed in our defiant JOY, audacious compassion— and unwavering optimism.

Let whoever do their jobs to spread fear and divisiveness.

We’ll do ours by radiating compassion, love, and kindness.

And if that takes working our asses off to create the change the world deserves, game on.

What if anything is breaking your heart?

-KC // 12.18.19

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