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The Elegant Warrior Podcast 199 – Kristoffer Carter & Permission To Glow

Lawyers read. A LOT. When Heather popped on for this interview a couple months back, I was so impressed that she not only read my new book, but she had copious notes— even reading entire sections back to me that hit particularly hard.



This of course is an absolute dream for a first time author. She deeply resonated with The 4 Permissions™ Framework.



Our conversation covered so much ground and flowed beautifully. This will be one I direct clients to for a tight overview of the book, and a guide through each of the 4 Permissions.



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Kristoffer is also a speaker, coach, and retreat leader.

He has coached top executives from businesses such as Amazon and AT&T, using his 4 Permissions Framework.



This was a fantastic book and I really enjoyed taking a deep dive into the different parts of the book and how it relates back to his overall spiritual teachings of the intersection of consciousness and business.


Book Topics we will discuss:


  • Permission to Chill.
  • Permission to Feel all the Feels.
  • Permission to Glow in the Dark.
  • Permission to Glow in the Light.


To learn more about Kristoffer, click on the links below:


Website: https://epicleadership.org


Instagram: @PermissionToGlowbook  ;  @kristoffercarter


Book: Permission to Glow: A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership

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