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“I have seen KC in action through many unique lenses (Emcee at a 450-person multi-day event; leader of his own 20-person multi-day retreat; 1-on-1 coach; friend in real, and virtual, life) and I am consistently struck by how, in each environment, he is a facilitator of growth.

KC is unapologetically authentic – he brings all of himself to all that he does. He operates at a high vibe but also has an uncanny ability to find stillness in the midst of chaos. Through working with KC in a 1:1 capacity, I have been able to turn to face the mirror more fully and begin to really see myself and practice inner connection.

His feedback during our work together has been startlingly insightful. His spiritual support has been gentle and patient, yet firm.

He walks his talk and it is through his example that his message speaks the loudest – do the work, the rest will follow. I have found his greatest strength as a coach to be his devotion to living a fully present life and, in doing so, asking the same of me.”

– Kate Evers. Senior Compliance Offier