Your Ideal
Morning Routine

Are you stuck in Reaction Mode chasing your day?

15 Minutes to
dial-in your
Ideal Morning Routine

(and actually stick with it!)

If fitting your most critical self-care habits into your morning were simple, everyone would be doing it. How do you make the time for the self-care, reflection, and Chill Time you need to drive your business?

When my coaching clients (start-up founders, entrepreneurs, and C-Level Executives) struggle, we start by optimizing their morning routine.

This is a simple, yet powerful process to clear overwhelm, minimize distractions, and consistently deliver your ideal morning— resulting in way more energy and flow. And, it only takes 15 minutes.

Your Entire Days
will Benefit if

  • You’ve been struggling to stay consistent with anything lately.

  • Your mornings start off to a late, unfocused start.

  • You end the workday with a lack of willpower, or counting down to that first drink.

  • You get overwhelmed by all the fires you put out every day.

  • You shut down most nights feeling like you should have accomplished more.

  • You spend too much time in the weeds— vs. staying light-touch and high-leverage.

Taking back control starts right now— and continues every morning.

Take 15 minutes and complete the Your Ideal Morning™ process to get clear, and commit to what energizes, inspires, and ignites you.

Make a lasting Commitment

To your ideal wake time, lights-out bedtime, and the time you need for your ideal morning. This forces you to get clear, and real.

You Decide

This isn’t about recreating something you heard on a podcast or read on a blog. What works for YOU? Organized by category— or add your own.

Design your Sequence

This is where we create a game you will win. Consistency + Sequence are everything when creating new habits. I see it over and over again in my work and in my own life.

Evaluate + Celebrate

Commit to continual evaluation, and celebrate what is working. It beats flogging yourself for any imperfection.

Feel the Momentum

Notice the newfound Energy + Excitement unfolding throughout each of your days. Rinse, and repeat.


How we spend our mornings directly impacts how we spend our lives.

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Your Ideal Morning

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Meet Your Coach


Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is a teacher at the intersection of consciousness and business. He is the founder of This Epic Life, a website and podcast devoted to conscious living, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. As a meditation teacher and workshop designer, KC has 6,500 active students on Insight Timer, with 120K streams.

As an executive coach, Kristoffer works with leaders at Amazon, AT&T, Avery-Dennison, and many start-ups and mid-sized multi-generational family businesses.

Kristoffer is also an accomplished international speaker, emcee, and retreat leader whose work has appeared in Business Insider, onstage at TEDx and Wisdom 2.0, and in countless other events. Permission to Glow is his first book.

Kristoffer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and rhetoric from Kent State University and is a certified professional coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

He is a disciple of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, through Self-Realization Fellowship, and their lineage of masters. He lives in Akron, OH with his wife of twenty-two years and their three children

Do you want tomorrow morning to be different?

In my direct experience from working with thousands of leaders, optimizing your morning— and staying consistent creates a radical transformation in the focus + energy you need to drive your impact.

I’ve been testing and refining this process over the last 5 years. Many high-performers, industry leaders, and sports champions use similar priming techniques to set up their day to win.

Now it’s your turn.

Just let me know where to send it and you’ll complete your plan in minutes.

PS. I’m also happy to offer feedback. Mine is included as example with the worksheet.

Are you ready? Let’s GO.