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Scott Dinsmore Tribute Song


In early September, Scott Dinsmore, Founder of the Live Your Legend website and worldwide community passed in a tragic accident as he pursued a lifelong dream of hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Although we met only a handful of times, I felt we had a natural bond and a lot of mutual respect. Just a solid, loving guy.

He was 33.

News of his tragic loss sent shock waves through the online community. The internet was flooded with tributes. My two favorites were by his close friends Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) and Corbett Barr.

When I met Scott Dinsmore I wanted to be skeptical of his relentless passion and enthusiasm for personal & professional development.

But it never wavered. I wanted to be jealous of his epic wardrobe, superhero build, and globetrotting lifestyle. But it was too on-point.

He was too consistently kind, and inspiring.

He dropped me a line as he and his wonderful wife were heading out for a year abroad. He had picked up a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi and was sitting in meditation for longer stretches. We had talked about meditation extensively at Camp GLP. The photo above was taken there.

What so impresses me about Scott in retrospect was how he and his wife were fiercely committed to a shared vision. It was unique, and infectious to be around. They ran around Camp wearing blankets as capes around their necks. He demonstrated his sick walking handstands at the talent show. 

These showed up in a dream after his passing, which became the second verse of the song below.

We were both cut from a similar cloth, influenced and championed by our mutual hero Jonathan Fields. The community Scott built and the body of work he created in his modest 33 years is truly mind-boggling and staggering.

It’s the Mic Drop on a Legend Well-Lived.

Scott, your inspired life (& death) woke me up a few nights in a row. Eventually it turned into a melody, and the lyrics wrote themselves. I bless you on, my little BIG brother.  

Om shanti shanti. -kc



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Song for Scott – Live Your Legend


you burned a hole in the night
with your meteoric rise
woke us up & built a home
where we could mobilize

i didn’t wanna believe
in all your possibilities
when there’s too many snakeoil salesmen
& not enough generosity

we won’t know
when it’s our time
that should be built in motivation
to remember we’re alive
so tonight, let’s begin
to live
your legend

“you’re not alone anymore”
i heard you call from the shore
walking handstands on sand
asking what’re you waiting for?

i need to believe
it’s not just another dream
seems like ever since you left
you keep on daring me

we won’t know
when it’s our time
there’s no better motivation
to remember we’re alive
so tonight let’s begin
to live
your legend

somehow the
seasons will change
we’ll all go back to our days
all the mourning & reflections will
fade away
i’m boarding a plane
lifting off in the rain
but up above the sun is beating
me awake

you’re with me
all the time
like my fierce determination
to remember i’m alive
it’s alright
so long as I live

Music & Lyrics © 2015
Kristoffer Carter, ASCAP

If you feel inspired to share this, let’s please tag it #ScottDinsmore. Your legend lives, brother. Much love and gratitude.

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    1. Thanks a lot Julie Ann… I can’t always quantify where or how the time comes to take on these strange creative projects. Just that they must absolutely express. 😉 Have been feeling Scott’s inspiration for weeks. Don’t see that going away.

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