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This Healing Mantra is Changing Everything

In this wild ride of a year when nothing will hold still, it’s easy to get hooked into fighting with everyone. We can’t come together and solve our current challenges without healing our relationships.

We can’t heal those divisions without facing the problems we have with ourselves.

Our soul craves unity and acceptance— of ourselves, and others.

In healing our relationships with others, we realize that our external relationships are really projections of our relationship to ourselves.

From the other direction: as we heal ourselves, we’re better able to connect with everyone and everything around us.

I created this healing mantra to chant to myself.

It has had powerful effects for all of my coaching clients I’ve practiced it with. In the video below, you can hear a simple melody to chant this wherever you are (6:55 in FB video below).

The goal is to cycle through as many people in your life as you can think of. Start with the people who annoy you the most, or who you have big disagreements with. It could also be a politician, a TV personality, etc.

I completely love and accept you
exactly where you are

As I completely love and accept myself
anywhere I am


During these crazy times I’ve decided to make more of an effort to lean into compassion and acceptance. Thanks KC for your insight about this and for suggesting this mantra as a way forward in navigating our way through it all.”Cheryl R, UK

Thank you KC, the reminder about binary thinking. It was helpful to hear, and I loved the mantra.”Pegge E., Alaska

Thank you for this beautiful reminder that my soul has no interest in judging other people. It just wants me to be happy, complete and be fully in love with who I am. I will practice sending love & acceptance to all people even those who annoy me! I will try harder not to get in the way of my soul’s infinite bliss but to immerse in that vibration instead. 🧡🤗💪🙏Deb D.

“…Those are words of healing and freedom…..those are words that just might change everything.”– T. Barnette.


One of the biggest obstacles to our own version of Glowing in the Dark is how we talk to ourselves.

The tone and vibe of our self-talk directly impacts our relationships. 

As this year builds in intensity, we may get overly critical with ourselves, and others. Everyone develops an opinion about how whomever should be handling whatever.

All of this is a projection of how we think we are handling these situations.

We may develop a “rotating hot seat” for the people we care about the most. Eventually we pick fights or develop problems with everyone in our lives. This may be well-justified if we’re surrounded by actual rascals. 

In reality, I’m finding this is another symptom of prolonged stress in the system.

We find someone, anyone to have a problem with to distract us from healing ourselves.

Practice whenever you can throughout the day. Cycle from others back to self, and repeat as you cycle through everyone you know.

What are you noticing? I’d love to hear how this is working for you. Please also ask any questions below.

Props to my team of extraordinary women who help me identify and learn these truths. My wife Gayle, my healer and essential oils alchemist Shauna Wetenkamp, and my Master Coach Christine Sachs. Image by Petr Sidorov via Unsplash.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful mantra sung by you. I love the arrangement and am going to sing for the next 15 minutes .

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