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Hello, and Welcome! I’m so excited you’ve made this commitment to your well-being for the next 7 days. I’m Kristoffer Carter (everyone calls me KC).

I’ll be your meditation teacher, emcee, and coach.

.You can learn more about me here.




We’ll be focusing these first 7 days on establishing your habit.

This will JUMPSTART your journey toward completing 30 consecutive days of meditation.

Goals for the 30 days:

5-10 Minutes per day, minimum. 15 is better. If you already have a practice, I invite you to increase your time investment by 25% per day.







1. Find your quiet place. Plan the next 30 and beyond. Create (or find) a quiet, sacred place to sit comfortably. Create an altar, or a collection of things that inspire you. Make sure you have a comfy, yet firm chair or a few cushions. Perhaps a light blanket if it gets chilly.

If you’re a regular traveler (like me), throw a travel pack of some photos, or an extra set of beads in your favorite suitcase. Something small that reminds you to meditate wherever you are. Don’t pack candles. They’ll hold you up at TSA and hotels aren’t cool with open flame. 😉

2. Join the Facebook Group if you haven’t yet. This is where I’ll offer encouragement & support, as well as make announcements for any meet-ups.

3. Grab the Insight Timer App. It’s available on iOS (iPhone) and Android for free! It used to be $2.99 which is still well worth it. Nah, I’m not trying to sell any apps. In fact, I generally don’t recommend using apps to replace meditation.

4. Access, and download a couple (free) guided meditations to help get you started. New Set of 30 Coming to Insight Timer HERE.

5. Share The Love. If you’re enjoying the Challenge, Please Spread the Love! Download artwork, Facebook Badges, copy + paste love notes, etc. Our mission is to serve everyone.





You’ll hear me say this about 1,000 times: Meditation practice is ALL about consistency, not duration. For those of us who have the consistency down, there’s always ways to lengthen and deepen our practice.

What is crucial is that for however long you’re able to commit every day, you must sit your butt down and do the work. The consistency over the next 30 days is what will forge, or deepen your habit.

And yes, I’m always practicing right alongside you.

Try not to be so rushed. Don’t just jump up the second your ending bell goes off. Try your best to linger on a minute or two. The monks whom I counsel with on my own practice tell me this is where your consciousness actually expands!

You want to savor the benefits of the work you just did, and bask in a little gratitude.

Be patient with yourself. The whole goal is to discover how long you’re able to sit in silence with yourself. That’s easier said than done on many days. Just relax, and trust the process. Keep showing up, no matter what.



All content © 2021 Kristoffer Carter


To one heck of an inspired month….


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PSS. Share what you’re learning! We’ve created a Share The Love Hub. Learn more about how you can get involved. Should you feel inspired, I’ve included share buttons and links in each of the 30-day prompts. Share what you’re committing to for the month! There’s no better accountability than a public commitment. We also want to invite as many awesome souls like you to join us.

See you in The Pause,


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