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So, how did Day 1 go? Pretty straight-forward, right? Yesterday was all about building the case of WHY. Now we quickly move into the WHAT.

So, what’s all the hype about?

In the Day 2 (8:24) video we’ll cover:

  • The clear differentiation between Mindfulness & Meditation, and how they are both beneficial.
  • Common myths around meditation
  • The case for meditation in business, and a few case studies of powerful leaders who swear by it.

Meditation & Mindfulness has become trendy. There are all sorts of marketers promoting it as a fad, like Jeggings, or the Atkins diet.

Chances are they aren’t true practitioners. I always laugh when I see ridiculous programs like “Meditation Bootcamp”. I picture people chugging Red Bull and trying to meditate in fast-forward. That’s really not the idea.

There’s a tension inherent in the modern pace of life. You may have noticed in watching the video yesterday that unless you have a pretty solid stilling practice in place, something is missing. There’s a tension in the idea that to truly make spiritual, or even personal progress, we must dedicate a chunk of time to sitting still.

Alas, there are no shortcuts to sanity… only infinite shortcuts to insanity.

We’re so conditioned to be Men & Women of #ACTION!

(Don’t worry, we’re gonna rewire that source code in later videos.)

On the flip side of the Meditation craze, it’s amazing to see monks like Thich Nhat Hanh visiting Google. Wayne Dyer, Pema Chodron, and even Oprah (I call her #Hope-rah) are all creating a tremendous platform for the power of mindful living.

None of these practices are new, obviously. So what is it about our modern age that is bringing them back to the forefront?

A big part of it has to be the convergence of technology and consciousness. Within that intersection lies an unprecedented opportunity for the upliftment of all humankind. We’re seeing glimpses of it. Single tweets spawning revolutions, TED talks, and all other sorts of viral brilliance.

However, technology can also manifest as Tools of Mass Distraction, creating more fragmented attention, terrible drivers, poor parenting, and so on.

Interesting duality!

How do we strike a balance in an unbalanced world? How do we get a foothold on the chaotic pace of life, and find peace? A little space to breathe?

We start with clear understanding of what Meditation is, and what it’s not.

PS. Start scouting a quiet space somewhere in your life where you can regularly sit. I’ll see you in Day 3.

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Your pal in the ommmms, -kc

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