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manifesto on how to ROCK a happier, more energized, &
integrated #LIFE (!!!)
  • 12 inspired, concise chapters.
  • Magazine layout or expanded audio.
  • Free workbook of real-life applications.
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What People are Saying...

"Certifiable Insanity..."

"KC brings his personal habits, practices and disciplines for health, reflection and building brilliant relationships into his work:
helping companies create culture that inspires, energizes and drives results. Add to that his secret sauce of certifiable insanity eloquently expressed, and he has much to teach."

- Karen Wright, MCC, CHC
Author of The Complete Executive

"joy meets success..."

"KC is a torch-bearer for a new generation of thought-leaders who are looking to play a bigger game in all areas of business and life. He's that rare
integration of deep, non-dogmatic spirituality and practical "get it done" tools and processes. And, what I really love is that he speaks from a place of boots-on-the-ground experimentation and validation. His ideas are equally effective for individuals as they are in the "living laboratory" of one of the fastest growing tech-companies in the U.S., where he's constantly, testing, refining and building a powerhouse culture of joy and success."

- Jonathan Fields
Founder of Good Life Project and Author of Uncertainty: Turning Fear
& Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance.

Serial entrepreneur, blogger, & speaker.

"Unbelievable Energy"

"KC has an unbelievable energy that meets others where they are, but then helps them soar to new, higher levels.
The diversity
and depth of his knowledge provides the perfect basis for his approach to integrated living... and he actually applies it in his daily life, bringing endless enthusiasm, drive and commitment to his clients, his family, and his community. My lens has shifted significantly with the insights gleaned from our work, and as my vision gets clearer, so do my business plans.

- Kelly Newsome
Founder of Higher Ground Yoga
Audio & Content
Preview Below!

  • 12 inspired, concise chapters.
  • Magazine layout or expanded audio.
  • Free workbook of real-life applications.

*5 MB dynamic .PDF file. Readable on all devices.

Preview and excerpt below in audio / graphic format!

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