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The Humpty Dance

This a’int your Father’s Humpty Dance. 

Funky Friday Video – Originally posted June 14, 2014.

Can I share a quick story? We had our roof completely ripped off and re-shingled yesterday. The crews were supposed to arrive at 7:15a, so I headed up to my altar in the attic to meditate before 6:30 to get my 60 minutes in.

About 10 minutes into some breathing exercises, giant trucks pull up and 6 dudes STORM the roof. They are instantly a couple feet above my head. Banging, prying, pulling, and tearing the shit out of our 90 yr old wood-framed home. I thought: “wow. meditation has been derailed for the morning.”

Except, I was here first. Except, we all need lessons in perseverance. So, I leaned into my practice, doubled down on my focus and tried to find my rhythm between all the whacking, yelling and sonic booms. My altar shook. The blinds came loose and fell beside me. I was only 20 minutes into the hour! How would I survive the next 40?

The kids awoke to the booms, so they filed in, one by one. They were scared, but they still respected Daddy’s meditation time. They asked if they could enter. “Come in, baby.” Frankie sat in my lap while I cycled through my Kriya breaths: up, and down the spine around all chakras. My focus straying, and then returning to the Christ consciousness between the eyebrows. Kids left, the crews moved through and down to the window beside me. I was here first. I threw down my staff like Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring: “You. Will. Not. Pass!” I needed my daily spiritual experience more than we need a new roof.

The final gong on my timer let me know I had won… For me, for my God and gurus who all smiled back at me.

And so, it was kinda the same with this version of the Humpty Dance. Hahahaha. Humpty Hump was smart to never try to rap his sweet lyrics while playing syncopated bass grooves. It’s just stupid difficult to make it sound tight. That’s the thing about The Sacred Pocket, or finding the rhythm of your breath: Although they can bend and stretch, they are unwavering in their end goal…

They are either All In, or they are wiggida-wiggida-WHACK. 🙂 So swing your groove, stretch the 1, but when it’s time to lock in with The Cosmic Kick Drum you best try your ass off to let it flow through you.


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