To your Breath ❤️‍🔥 To new Allies ❤️‍🔥 To your Purpose


Nov 7 - 11th

Hit pause on the noisy world. Give yourself 4 powerful Permissions alongside our epic team of allies.

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Does Your Focus feel Scattered, or Sluggish? Could you benefit from less overwhelm, greater focus, and more purpose-driven work?

Our team at Epic Leadership has built a company around empowering leaders at all levels. At The 4 Permissions Ohio Retreat, you and 25 allies will work together with KC and his incredible team of coaches, intuitives, and healers to design and implement your purpose-driven path. You will return home refocused, rejuvenated, and perhaps most powerfully— repurposed


The 4 Permissions Retreat is designed as an extension of KC’s most recent book Permission To Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, which has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, Men’s Health, and Fast Company. The 4 Permissions framework for conscious leadership is helping mobilize and inspire full workforces. For individuals, it is also proven to pare down distractions and overwhelm, connect us more deeply with our intuition, and give us the audacity we need to step forward into the light— however you personally define that.

Agenda Nov 7 – 11th

A more detailed agenda will be updated with specific guests and activities 30 days before the retreat starts


P1. CHILL. To slow down our experience of our ever changing world. To be at peace with what rises in the moment to test us.

P2. FEEL ALL THE FEELS. To listen to the wisdom of our emotions. To be at peace with what wells up in our hearts to guide us.

P3. GLOW IN THE DARK. Full power, despite the ever-present fear. To be at peace with what the world is asking of us.

P4. GLOW IN THE LIGHT. To unlock the full power of others. To be at peace with our responsibility to uplift and serve humanity.

Monday, Nov 7th

  • 2PM. Welcome + Entering the circle
  • Connection begins with cycling down
  • Explore Your Highest Purpose
  • Group connect + Intention setting

Tuesday, Nov 8th

  • Morning Meditation + Yoga. Permission to Chill Activation 
  • Permission 1 meets The First Non-Negotiable: SOUL.
  • Living + working beyond the noise
  • Finding more and more s-p-a-c-e in our lives

Wednesday, Nov 9th

  • Morning Meditation + Yoga. Permission to Feel Activation
  • Tapping the emotional body— Interpreting The Feels
  • Deepening our intuitive superpowers
  • Evening bonfire, connection + adventure

Thursday, Nov 10th

  • Morning Meditation + Yoga. Permission to Glow Activation
  • Envision and design: A Year in Your Glow
  • From Tiny, Bold Moves to Full-Life Integration™
  • This Epic Feast + Featured Guests

Friday, Nov 11th

  • Sunrise meditation, music + dance
  • Permission to Glow in the Light Activation
  • Allies Breakfast
  • Closing the Circle + Departures by 11A EST

Who will support our Big, Honkin' Dreams— and hold us accountable to living and leading from our Highest Purpose?

Imagine wrapping this busy year, and kicking off 2023 at much deeper levels of CONNECTION— to your purpose, to your power to realize it, and to a vibrant family of allies.


Of all the formats we teach and practice The 4 Permissions in— our epic retreats are both the most fun, and most profound.

When it comes to creating lasting, positive change, environment is everything. This November 7th-11th, we’ll return to GLOW-HIO for our annual 4 Permissions Retreat. At 4 days and 4 nights, this will be longer and deeper than recent years. We’re going to fill two brand-new, side by side epic cabin lodges with All the Chills, All The Feels, and All The Glows.


During retreat, our incredible crew of 25 gathers to experience a week of Life-Work integration. What does it feel like to work, live, and lead “At 1” with your Divine Purpose? Part epic family reunion, part deep practice of The 4 Permissions framework.


Picture silent sunrise meditations into powerful mantras, into day-breaker dance parties. Leading into some of the healthiest, most nourishing food, and connection we’ve all ever experienced. …And then our day of growth, laughter, healing, and adventure BEGINS! 



We will activate one of each of The 4 Permissions per day, and learn plenty of practices and awarenesses to focus your glow into your next chapter. 



November also marks the decade anniversary of KC’s Full-Life Integration Manifesto. Our goal is to return home feeling deeply aligned in our integrated “solar system” of non-negotiables: Soul, Vitality, Family, Art, + Work.


Retreat capped at 30 guests.


The Vibe


Absolutely— We love where your heart is on this. Our Fall retreats always land the week of election week.

Reason being— those of us with kids can get through Halloween, and the 2nd week of November is the last Chill break before the mad dash toward the holiday season later in the month.

Just about all of our guests are also responsible voters who love to participate in our democracy! So YES! Please make arrangements to vote by absentee ballot, or similar.

We don’t know about you, but it has always felt really really nice to not be glued to election results and general media insanity during this week.

The Retreat will provide the perfect, CHILL distraction.

For our United States guests— Yes, our 4 Permission Retreat is over election day!

We encourage everyone to reach out to your local election office, or secretary of state where they live (varies by state).

Request an Advanced (or absentee) Ballot. Or, find out when advanced in-person voting starts. This varies by state and not every state even allows it.

In most states you can request an Advanced Ballot *NOW* and up until about a week from the election date around 10/31. It won’t be mailed to you until early voting starts.

For example, early voting starts in Kansas on October 19. That date is when the Advanced ballots will be sent out for the requests up to that point. That’s also when a limited number of early in-person voting locations are open.

Some version of the same would be true in other states.

Hocking Hills is about 50-55 minutes from CMH Columbus John Glenn International airport.


Registration includes coordinated shuttle transport from, and returning to the CMH  airport (flight not included).


Air travel should be booked to arrive CMH no later than 12N EST, Mon 11/7.


Return: depart CMH no earlier than 1P EST Fri 11/11.

Yes, you can make your retreat payment in up to 3 monthly payments.

Absolutely. We design a very healthy menu, with organically and locally sourced foods. Knock on wood, we have not had any allergies become a problem in any of our events. We will be reaching out specifically around preferences and restrictions due to allergy.

Registrations are non-refundable but fully transferable. The exception is an illness that would stop you from participating.

We will follow current COVID and public health protocols. We will request proof of vaccination. Masks are not currently required by law, but are welcome.


About Kristoffer Carter 'KC'

Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is the CEO and founder of Epic Leadership, a training organization for conscious leadership, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. He is the author of Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, which guides his team’s coaching of Fortune 100 executive leaders at Amazon, AT&T, eXp Realty, Edward Jones, and many more. ‘KC’ is also a professional songwriter, TEDx speaker, and has led retreats both domestically and internationally. 


KC’s 4 Permissions™ framework has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, Fast Company, onstage at Wisdom 2.0 and countless events, and in major market morning news programs (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC). Permission to Glow is his first book of a 5-book series which is currently in development.


Carter built his experience with Basis Technologies, who won the #1 Best Place to Work in Fortune Magazine, Advertising Age, and for an unprecedented four straight years by Crains’ Business Chicago.


Kristoffer is a disciple of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, through Self-Realization Fellowship, and their lineage of masters. Touring as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his teens, Carter continues to manage and produce his teenage daughter’s band, DETENTION. He lives in Akron, OH with his wife of twenty-three years and their three children. For more info, visit 



Permission to Glow in the Media


Reach out to us at
and KC and his team will be happy to answer any questions!

Epic Leadership Coach Gayle Carter, and Founder Kristoffer Carter. Married 23 years.

Refocus. Rejuvenate. Reconnect. Retreat.

We treasure every opportunity to bring our family together— whether it’s our crazy extended family for a reunion, or our incredible epic family for a retreat.


If the Ohio Retreat calls to you, and you can feel the unlimited potential and ROI of investing in your time away, our team is fully committed to creating a truly transformative experience.


From Chef Layla Laser’s incredible food, to Shauna’s team of healers, and the teachers we assemble, our full intention will be around the goals you have for yourself.


Every retreat we say it, every time it comes to pass: This will be our best event yet! We trust you’ll decide powerfully either way, and we celebrate you!

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