Suffering? Be of Service.

When we look around saddened, and overwhelmed by our broken world, sometimes all it takes is to remember to perform some small act of service. By spending time with these incredible women who have dedicated their lives and careers to fight against mass incarceration, it reminded me how there are small things we can do […]

More Evidence for How Retreats Can Change Lives

You know by now we only have 2 speeds around here: off, and completely EPIC, right? 🙂 Get comfortable. Here is what happened in last week’s Costa Rica retreat. Coming down from The Retreat Vibes is something we need to practice (deeply) every time we return from such a life-changing event. Reentry is a combination of […]

How a Mystic Expanded my Thinking on Work + Career

I was blessed with a spiritual experience on Saturday evening. The details I’ll keep close to my heart, but I need to share these critically important insights. The timing of this transmission is auspicious— because we feel anything can (and likely will) change at any moment. We must harness and focus the restless energy in […]

Two Simple Exercises to Design + Deliver Your Next Decade

Before you make another bunch of SMART goals and resolutions you’ll use later to beat on yourself for not achieving— take 45 minutes and knock out these two exercises. I’ve noticed a massive difference between making goals from my head, and creating marching orders I feel viscerally all throughout my heart and body. More than […]

What is breaking your heart at the moment?

I’m present to a low-to-high hum of angst— asking if I could’ve done more, accomplished more, or made some greater effort at enacting change. Also, there’s no shortage of politicians, pundits, or weather systems selling us on feeling powerless. We’re bombarded with ideas of what this season is supposed to mean. All of the noise, […]