New Site + 9 Years of Sobriety

Last Week We Launched Our New Site We are celebrating the launch of our new site, and my new book’s site today— and realized it’s Alcohol Awareness month!   This month I’m celebrating 9 wild years sans booze. Last year definitely made me want to drink.    Instead I kept meditating, and wrote a book.   […]

2020: Mirror for our Transformation

Coaching is the work of personal transformation. It’s not enough to want things to be different. It’s borderline impossible to make a list of the changes we seek, and then master them in any sustainable way.

If there are magic ingredients in Personal Transformation— it would have to be The 2 Big A’s: Awareness, and Action.

This Healing Mantra is Changing Everything

In this wild ride of a year when nothing will hold still, it’s easy to get hooked into fighting with everyone. We can’t come together and solve our current challenges without healing our relationships. We can’t heal those divisions without facing the problems we have with ourselves. Our soul craves unity and acceptance— of ourselves, […]