Jennifer Louden: Why We All Need to Answer The Question ‘Why Bother?’ (#27)

        Motivating ourselves, even in “normal” times can be challenging enough. We’re constantly talking ourselves out of doing the harder, brave work, or maybe we start it only to self-sabotage. But what about when the whole world as we knew it hits the pause button? Many of us have been realigning our […]

Robert Imbeault: Healing Childhood Trauma With Meditation and Love (#26)

As we navigate our current waves of uncertainty, we may confront our need for healing on some level. In more predictable circumstances, we can often get away without having to look in our darkest corners. Today’s guest was on a collision course with childhood trauma, and once he was able to see it, his life […]

Elliott Carter: Our Teenage Daughter on Unleashing The Music Inside You (#25)

What do you recall about being a teenager? Was it fun for you? I recall having big dreams, while also being relentlessly uncomfortable with myself. Many clients, friends, and fellow parents have taken an interest in our 15 year-old daughter Elliott’s emerging career as a professional singer, and songwriter. Elliott first performed alongside me when […]