Reframing Holiday Anxiety

    This year I’m really present, and sensitive to all the anxiety our culture manufactures around the holidays.   The shopping, the sweets, and opportunities to drink, all while managing the pressure cookers of family obligations, renewing health insurance, and wrapping up business for the year. Plus the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D […]

Leaving the Peak Without Coming Down

Sunday morning, I was quietly meditating— and sobbing in the dark— backstage in upstate, NY. Four hundred and thirty Campers, and our teams of staff and volunteers were on the other side of the curtain. Our host, and visionary maker Jonathan Fields was delivering the final keynote: Spark Your Life. This was our final presentation in […]

Read Before Quitting Your Job

No matter how many of us dream of striking out on our own, teams and orgs still make the world go around. Many of my coaching clients who work in companies weigh going into business for themselves, or answering a life-long dream. That was definitely the case with me. I loved the companies I worked […]

Wake Up: You’re not “Too Busy”

I’m always thinking about ways to summarize themes that come up with clients. The people I get to work with simply amaze me, and their challenges are often universal. As I plug away on writing my book, I’m becoming obsessed with the opportunity of integrating the aspects of our lives that are the most important […]

How to Navigate Horrific Media

  I will gather all dusty sorrows from the attic of memory, and cast them into the fires of oblivion. -Paramahansa Yogananda   How can we quickly drop the stories that hold us back, while we’re getting bombarded by horrific news? These earth-shaking weeks only seem to be coming more fast and furious. The challenge […]