Partying Harder 5 Years Sober

  I blinked (not drink’d), and my 5-years of#SOBRIETY is coming up in a few weeks. There have been many raging parties before, and since. Last weekend we threw my wife a fairly wild birthday bash. I love partying more than ever. Not-drinking has only amped my love of parties. Ask our guests. LOLz. Was […]

The Crazy-Ass Impact of Drinking Less

The real and sunken costs of The Drinks. Have you noticed a trend of sales professionals taking January off from drinking? More and more, friends and colleagues are taking conscious breaks from alcohol. Too often these breaks make us feel better short-term, when we’re really looking to feel better longterm. Whenever I took breaks, I’d eventually return by drinking […]

12 Shocking Upgrades Sans Booze

 As part of the launch of The New Sobriety program this week, I thought it would be fun to take an inventory of what has changed in my life since giving up The Drinks. Let me be clear that life isn’t always roses just because you quit booze. Life on earth is still pretty complex […]

The New Sobriety – Program Launch!

To imbibe The Drinks, or Not To imbibe The Drinks… Is THAT really the question?! Whether to drink or not was a question that mercilessly screwed with me. I always seemed to have an incessant dialogue going around whether I was drinking too much, or too frequently. Sometimes it asked a more poignant question… What […]

Drinking Rules! Sobriety Sounds LAME.

This is the third installment of a multi-part series. We’ll explore why The Drinks seem to be so cool, while sobriety is like some dorky cousin. I’ll share a path toward conscious sobriety, a method of getting it to stick, and why we’re better off partying on our own damn terms. Read Part 1 “So, what’s with all The Drinks?” HERE. | Read Part 2 “Are […]