Community Feature: Sara-Brannin Mooser— The Strength + Courage to Teach

This week we’re featuring a member of our This Epic Life Community, who I feel radiates the work we do around here. People hear “Permission to Glow in the Dark” and usually think, “Yeah. I want THAT!” However, we usually don’t realize how crucial the other two Permissions are (To Chill, and To Feel All […]

6 Years Sober. Yesterday however…

The Drinks are 6 years behind me this month, but their pull shows up in other ways. I considered buying a 14,000 square foot church yesterday for instance Of course our community needs a This Epic Life Temple. I mean, of course we do! I would go! It’s that pull of abandoning our becoming to […]

The #OCTSOBER Challenge

In a week of hurricanes, rampaging wildfires, and nuclear rhetoric, do we need one-more thing to be freaked out about? Apparently not, which could be the reason adults are checking out, and drinking more than ever before. This new research creeped me out: While underage drinking has declined in recent years, adult consumption increased across […]


Vulnerability Friday. Excited, and oddly nervous to share this with you. I wrote a song to reflect on 5 years beyond the drinks. 5 years ago today I polished off my last beers. Thousands of polite declines since. Somehow all of it made into this song, “Autopilot”. While on our family’s sabbatical in December 2015 […]

Partying Harder 5 Years Sober

  I blinked (not drink’d), and my 5-years of#SOBRIETY is coming up in a few weeks. There have been many raging parties before, and since. Last weekend we threw my wife a fairly wild birthday bash. I love partying more than ever. Not-drinking has only amped my love of parties. Ask our guests. LOLz. Was […]