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25-min Meditation: Deepen Your Presence

WEEK 5 USER EXPERIENCE: “…Looking through the spaces when everything slowed down, I felt the illusion of my own boundaries melt and became one. It was the same energy as everything else. There was no “me”; no small ego needing everything to be fixed.” – C.L., UK Access the podcast in the iTunes Podcast App, […]

30-Min Meditation: Pausing the Chaos

 “There is no way you can NOT release this one.   It was the best one you’ve done.  Incredible.” – Marcie, USA Originally I had announced that I wouldn’t be releasing this episode as a replay. Thankfully, an attendee of The Pause (the amazing Joel Zaslofsky) offered to edit it. Thanks Joel! Access the podcast […]

Webinar Replay – Cynthia Morris

Put the #OM in HOME: Optimizing your creative transitions, from the exhilarating highs, to returning to the churn of a busy life. With Special Guest (back by popular demand): My creativity & writing coach, and Good Life Project Soul Sister Cynthia Morris. This is an edited replay from a live webinar event. All apologies for […]

Everything you need for Full Life Integration

Ever since we were kids in a school system, the transition from August to September has marked significant ch-ch-changes. For those of us with kids, you know what I’m talking about… All the new routines to offset the growing complexity of everything around us. I’ve always been enamored by the promise that Fall brings: sweatshirts, […]

TEL #014 – Bass Meditations.02

The theme for this piece was “Mid-Winter Happiness”. In my own exploration of the “full-life integration” concepts, I decided to mash-up my soul practice with music. 1) I meditated for 45 minutes (energization, hong sau, & kriya techniques) 2) Recorded 7 minutes of live bass loops in 1 take 3) Recorded 1 take of stream-of-consciousness […]