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The Elegant Warrior Podcast 199 – Kristoffer Carter & Permission To Glow

Lawyers read. A LOT. When Heather popped on for this interview a couple months back, I was so impressed that she not only read my new book, but she had copious notes— even reading entire sections back to me that hit particularly hard.     This of course is an absolute dream for a first […]

Feeling all the Feelings: Kristoffer “KC” Carter, author of ‘Permission to Glow’, [reads] ‘Autobiography Of A Yogi’

Kristoffer “KC” Carter reading from Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography Of A Yogi and discussing the science of spirituality. We don’t know about matter. 96% of the universe’s mass is unaccounted for. We don’t understand consciousness either. No one is really sure why or how consciousness works. We don’t even understand time – we don’t know when or how […]

The One You Feed #437 – Permission to Glow with Kristoffer Carter

Kristoffer Carter is a spiritual teacher at the intersection of consciousness and business.  He is a frequent speaker, author, and founder of This Epic Life, a website and podcast devoted to conscious living.   In this episode, Eric and Kristoffer discuss his book, Permission to Glow:  A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership. But wait – there’s more! […]

Stumbling Toward Genius Ep. #20: Permission to Glow with Cynthia Morris

One of the things people often say they need when embarking on a creative project is something I can’t give them. Permission. I’m not the authority or the all-knowing one who metes out permission. Permission comes from inside. As adults, we decide how we devote ourselves to our creative projects. While I don’t think permission […]

Good Life Project Ep. #760: Permission to Glow with Jonathan Fields

I first met Kristoffer Carter nearly a decade ago when he raised his hand to participate in the inaugural Good Life Project immersion. It was a yearlong deep dive into work and life that we ran for about 5 years. Kristoffer or KC as most people call him, was running fast. I wasn’t sure if […]