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Mantra for Inner Peace Through the Busy Holidays

Every year it happens. And, every year we’re never quite prepared. When you have kids, the first signs are all the Christmas lists casually left out so you’ll find them. Uh oh. Will peace be found on the other side of all this shopping? Yesterday, I recorded the mantra for inner peace I’ve been practicing. […]

Akron Book Launch Event – In The Light

Purchase the new book Permission to Glow Singing with Elliott— Magic Moment from the Book Launch This was a special moment from our hometown Akron book launch.  Our daughter Elliott (singer for Detention) got up to sing harmonies on the song that launched my epic book quest— “In The Light.”Many songs are battles, but this was […]

Time After Time – Fathering in 2021

Believe it or not, the first section of the video (in the car) wasn’t even my idea!  I always loved ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper. I may have cried to it after a breakup back in the day. I may have guilted— I mean ‘enrolled’ our teenage daughter to work on it with me […]

All The Things – How a Song Evolves

Songwriting continues to be a mystical, sometimes frustrating, and always rewarding process. I had the idea to write my wife Gayle a song for Mother’s Day. There were a couple ideas terrorizing me— either in little melody snippets, or non-sensical lyrical ideas that wanted to rhyme. On Friday, while I was sitting in my office, […]

New Site + 9 Years of Sobriety

Last Week We Launched Our New Site We are celebrating the launch of our new site, and my new book’s site today— and realized it’s Alcohol Awareness month!   This month I’m celebrating 9 wild years sans booze. Last year definitely made me want to drink.    Instead I kept meditating, and wrote a book.   […]