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Mantra for Inner Peace Through the Busy Holidays

Every year it happens. And, every year we’re never quite prepared. When you have kids, the first signs are all the Christmas lists casually left out so you’ll find them. Uh oh. Will peace be found on the other side of all this shopping? Yesterday, I recorded the mantra for inner peace I’ve been practicing. […]

Quick checklist to avoid horrific Zoom meetings

Here we are, a few weeks into working and connecting in entirely new ways. Not many of us would have chosen this, and we couldn’t have predicted how our workflow and workdays would transform in 2020. Kids sitting in our laps, while suffering through Zoom meetings. Flurries of activity in between meals, or loads of […]

Read Before Quitting Your Job

No matter how many of us dream of striking out on our own, teams and orgs still make the world go around. Many of my coaching clients who work in companies weigh going into business for themselves, or answering a life-long dream. That was definitely the case with me. I loved the companies I worked […]

Mindset Tools to Conquer Negativity

If Mindset is the Battlefield, We Need Swords, and Shields.  .  Before Michael Phelps launches himself  into a pool to race, he’s already won in his mind. The outcome of the race is a foregone conclusion. The most winning athlete in Olympic history– 23 gold medals, and 28 overall– is a case study in visualization, […]