15 Minutes to More Certainty

  “…one of the best guided meditations I’ve heard in my entire life and twenty years of practice.” -D.   How do you find certainty in uncertain times? Where can you focus to bring yourself out of worry or anxiety, and back to a baseline of hopeful expectation? I always start with my breath: How […]

Guided Meditation: Aligning your Wins for Dream Achievement

  Could you use a process to reconnect with, and reignite forward motion toward your highest goals? This guided meditation will help. Let’s be honest: “Dream Achievement” sounds corny as hell. Lol. But you know that I know it’s crucial for our happiness, & sense of fulfillment! I still subscribe to Earl Nightengale’s definition of success as […]

20 Min Meditation – “Joyful Expectation”

This guided meditation was recorded live on our weekly, free, meditation meet-up. Learn more and join us here. Experiencing Summer as an adult isn’t quite the same as when we were kids. Often we’re chained to a computer inside working, while the great weather is calling us outside to play. One thing is for certain: […]

25 Min – Meditation – “Here to Serve”

Access the podcast in the iTunes Podcast App, just search This Epic Life. Also available below via SoundCloud, or the download link above. . About this Episode … 25 Min – Guided Meditation – Theme: “Here to Serve” Turned sideways in your job or business? Are clients or your boss driving you nuts? This guided […]

25-min Meditation: Deepen Your Presence

WEEK 5 USER EXPERIENCE: “…Looking through the spaces when everything slowed down, I felt the illusion of my own boundaries melt and became one. It was the same energy as everything else. There was no “me”; no small ego needing everything to be fixed.” – C.L., UK Access the podcast in the iTunes Podcast App, […]