Hello Failure My Old Friend

How can we process a perceived failure, integrate its lessons, and then move the hell on as gracefully as possible? There is no failure here, sweetheart. Just when you quit. – U2, “Miracle Drug”   CASE STUDY. On Sunday, I made a painful, but necessary decision. I bowed out of running a program I had […]

Overcoming Harsh Perfectionism

  Are we in the Vulnerability Trust Tree? Good. I’ve been producing these “Funky Fridays” videos, and it brings up a lot of mixed emotions. The more I continue in my quest for meaning, the more the yogi in me demands to know the WHY behind my actions. Is this just a big ego stroke? […]

Bow To The Powers of What Could Be

The promise of What Could Be leads us forward. However, the tension between What Is and What Could Be has the potential to drive us nutters. This happens whenever we stay fixated on the “reality” of our current situation so vehemently that we end up defending it while working to change it. We argue for […]

Show Your Love with The Magic Mirror

The work on our relationships never ends, and that’s a beautiful thing. Every day we sit across the table from these people in our lives, and we have a new opportunity to either regress, or evolve beyond where we started together. At the same time we’ve never quite experienced this particular new day. We’ve never […]