All The Things – How a Song Evolves

Songwriting continues to be a mystical, sometimes frustrating, and always rewarding process. I had the idea to write my wife Gayle a song for Mother’s Day. There were a couple ideas terrorizing me— either in little melody snippets, or non-sensical lyrical ideas that wanted to rhyme. On Friday, while I was sitting in my office, […]

99 Red Balloons Insanity

Oh me, oh my it’s Funky Friday again! The GOAL of Funky Friday is two fold. First, it’s to liberate us from any lingering monotony, or meandering through our cluttered news feed. Second, it’s to inspire others to throw caution, perfectionism, & excuses to the wind and just Let It Rip. The world needs YOUR […]

Warning: Crazy High Vibes

  Every once in a while, all the stars align and our #presence can get the job done. I’m not talking BS stage presence or whatever…more like calm focus & understanding of how to engage what needs to get done. This was shot during a week where everything was happening at once, so I had to […]

Funky Friday: Amazing Grace

Happy Funky Friday everyone (!!!) You know what time it is? It’s time to get down with the Get Down. This week posed a challenge, in that it’s the most raw & vulnerable I know how to be. This was the bass I bought back in high school, later used to tour with The TwistOffs, […]

The Humpty Dance

This a’int your Father’s Humpty Dance.  Funky Friday Video – Originally posted June 14, 2014. Can I share a quick story? We had our roof completely ripped off and re-shingled yesterday. The crews were supposed to arrive at 7:15a, so I headed up to my altar in the attic to meditate before 6:30 to get […]