Sabbatical #2: The Family Altar

At the risk of sounding trite, my 2nd sabbatical came at the perfect time. As the year-in/year-out demands of balancing family and work keep charging forward, December 2015 turned out to be the crucial pause between two major phases of my life. It’s easy to trace any of the magic of my last three years back to […]

Scott Dinsmore Tribute Song

In early September, Scott Dinsmore, Founder of the Live Your Legend website and worldwide community passed in a tragic accident as he pursued a lifelong dream of hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.  Although we met only a handful of times, I felt we had a natural bond and a lot of mutual respect. Just a solid, loving guy. He was […]

30-Min Meditation: Pausing the Chaos

 “There is no way you can NOT release this one.   It was the best one you’ve done.  Incredible.” – Marcie, USA Originally I had announced that I wouldn’t be releasing this episode as a replay. Thankfully, an attendee of The Pause (the amazing Joel Zaslofsky) offered to edit it. Thanks Joel! Access the podcast […]

Pause with me – Every Thursday

Hello there, I hope you’re finding my meditation resources helpful, and you’re settling into a groove with your practice. As always, my resources are free, in the hope that you’ll create the habit that has deeply impacted my life.  … My friend and teacher Susan Piver recently challenged me to make teaching more a part of my practice. […]

How’s your Battle for Balance working?

On a recent company-wide call, our Founder in Chief called me out to follow up with some additional thoughts on Work/Life Balance. Sharing my (deeply held, but repeatedly proven) Personal Truths with a company of 550+ took some serious thought! We were a small Spartan crew of 44 when I started 7 years back. What […]