Stuck or Shut Down? The Two Essentials to Keep Us Moving…

As each of us faces more resistance, or dips in our motivation, there are some essential truths we must tap into. First, no one is immune to getting stuck. Despite what our social feeds may convey, all of us are suffering on some level and that is perfectly OK. What we’re experiencing on an individual […]

Embracing Imperfection: Easter Disaster

Sometimes despite our best efforts to control a situation, our holiday get togethers spiral into disasters of epic proportions. This year we may have created a whole new holiday called DisEaster. We’re lucky when we can laugh about it later. We’re luckier still when we can laugh at it while it’s happening. Tied closely with […]

Processing Massive Change – Part 1

The first three months of 2016 have felt like some insane spiritual obstacle course. We closed on our dream home on January 15th, two weeks after I left my corporate career. As you’re about to read, the double whammy of full-scale home, and career renovations is not for the faint of heart. It took me […]


I dig families that borrow the loyalty and spirit of nuclear families of the 50’s, while leaving the creepy conformity and passive aggression behind. Every generation has sweet family tactics we can repurpose. The current challenge is to stretch the limits of our openness, self-expression, and compassion. My favorite families are those where the adult […]

Akron Signs of Life

This morning I dropped off our daughter at preschool, then made my way West on Route 18 through downtown Akron. This beat-up, Rustbelt survivor; broken in a state of endless recovery, and reinvention. Its buildings gleaming in the sun, its chilly autumn breath revealing my own. Done with the sticky summer, I saw all Signs […]