All The Things – How a Song Evolves

Songwriting continues to be a mystical, sometimes frustrating, and always rewarding process. I had the idea to write my wife Gayle a song for Mother’s Day. There were a couple ideas terrorizing me— either in little melody snippets, or non-sensical lyrical ideas that wanted to rhyme. On Friday, while I was sitting in my office, […]

Stuck or Shut Down? The Two Essentials to Keep Us Moving…

As each of us faces more resistance, or dips in our motivation, there are some essential truths we must tap into. First, no one is immune to getting stuck. Despite what our social feeds may convey, all of us are suffering on some level and that is perfectly OK. What we’re experiencing on an individual […]

Embracing Imperfection: Easter Disaster

Sometimes despite our best efforts to control a situation, our holiday get togethers spiral into disasters of epic proportions. This year we may have created a whole new holiday called DisEaster. We’re lucky when we can laugh about it later. We’re luckier still when we can laugh at it while it’s happening. Tied closely with […]

Sabbatical #2: The Family Altar

At the risk of sounding trite, my 2nd sabbatical came at the perfect time. As the year-in/year-out demands of balancing family and work keep charging forward, December 2015 turned out to be the crucial pause between two major phases of my life. It’s easy to trace any of the magic of my last three years back to […]

Living your Big, Honkin’ Dream with a Family in Tow

Every time I’ve expanded my family or deepened my responsibilities as a Dad, I get advice on how to “place my dreams on the back burner”. I don’t know about your Dream Stove, but mine only has front burners. When I moved back from L.A. to get married in 1999, fellow musicians mourned the tunes […]