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Thank You for a Great ’23

Join us for the Winter ❄️ Glow February 23-25th 2024   Permission to Glow returns to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.   The shorter days of winter are the perfect time for a weekend escape of yoga and “glowing in the dark.” Yoga reconnects us with our power to create.    Join us for an […]

Stuck or Shut Down? The Two Essentials to Keep Us Moving…

As each of us faces more resistance, or dips in our motivation, there are some essential truths we must tap into. First, no one is immune to getting stuck. Despite what our social feeds may convey, all of us are suffering on some level and that is perfectly OK. What we’re experiencing on an individual […]

Reframing Holiday Anxiety

    This year I’m really present, and sensitive to all the anxiety our culture manufactures around the holidays.   The shopping, the sweets, and opportunities to drink, all while managing the pressure cookers of family obligations, renewing health insurance, and wrapping up business for the year. Plus the lack of sunshine and Vitamin D […]

Overcoming Harsh Perfectionism

  Are we in the Vulnerability Trust Tree? Good. I’ve been producing these “Funky Fridays” videos, and it brings up a lot of mixed emotions. The more I continue in my quest for meaning, the more the yogi in me demands to know the WHY behind my actions. Is this just a big ego stroke? […]

Want to create MORE? Expand your Canvas.

  I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse mix of brilliant creators. These are people whose creative output can literally knock you over with visceral honesty, aesthetic beauty, or raw power. They could be authors, rockstars, C-level executives, or technology developers. The stages they perform on could be whiteboard walls in an office loft, […]