Stuck or Shut Down? The Two Essentials to Keep Us Moving…

As each of us faces more resistance, or dips in our motivation, there are some essential truths we must tap into. First, no one is immune to getting stuck. Despite what our social feeds may convey, all of us are suffering on some level and that is perfectly OK. What we’re experiencing on an individual […]

Quick checklist to avoid horrific Zoom meetings

Here we are, a few weeks into working and connecting in entirely new ways. Not many of us would have chosen this, and we couldn’t have predicted how our workflow and workdays would transform in 2020. Kids sitting in our laps, while suffering through Zoom meetings. Flurries of activity in between meals, or loads of […]

Community Feature: Sara-Brannin Mooser— The Strength + Courage to Teach

This week we’re featuring a member of our This Epic Life Community, who I feel radiates the work we do around here. People hear “Permission to Glow in the Dark” and usually think, “Yeah. I want THAT!” However, we usually don’t realize how crucial the other two Permissions are (To Chill, and To Feel All […]

Accelerate Your Career? Cut The Crap, and Throw the Switch

Many of us have this terrible habit of holding our work separate from our higher calling. We start to believe something more noble, inspiring, or high-impact is “out there”, beyond whatever we have on our schedule for today. In the event you need a reminder, your day today was teed up FOR you, not as […]

Why You Must Celebrate Your Wins

On Friday I hit a major milestone in my business. The milestone itself is less important than what I learned by celebrating it— by building a gigantic Lego set with our kids. This family build was so epic, I had to document it in time-lapse. Our son Leon (7) co-produced, and built about half of […]