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Webinar Replay – “Time Bending”

Download the slides HERE. (3 MB) *Right click and “Save link as…” Wanna simple, hugely impactful homework assignment? Download the worksheet. Ask questions, provide feedback in the comments below! Sign up to join hundreds of inspired peeps around the globe for our free monthly web events HERE. PART 1 of 3 PART 2 of 3 […]

The most Important Talk I’ve given to date

How did meditation first save, and then amplify my life? It’s all here in this video. More info below. When we have increasingly little time to prepare, we must trust that we’ve been preparing our entire lives. Wanted to make this available to my tribe, as it summarizes everything you need to know about the […]

My Radio Enso Interview – 02.24.14

My friend Greg Berg is an inspired guy. He has produced over 115 sixty-minute live interviews with world shakers and teachers from every corner of the planet through his show Radio Enso. We met when he was teaching a “How to Podcast” course during our mutually favorite conference, Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit. Greg has […]

2014 PROJECT – Session Replay & Tools

Thanks for joining everyone. In the comments below, I’d love to hear any session feedback, questions, or at the very least please take a sec to introduce yourself to other attendees. I’m thinking up some fun ways to break down these virtual walls. Much love, and thanks as always for playing! -kc SESSION REPLAY: *Please […]

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