2020: Mirror for our Transformation

Coaching is the work of personal transformation. It’s not enough to want things to be different. It’s borderline impossible to make a list of the changes we seek, and then master them in any sustainable way.

If there are magic ingredients in Personal Transformation— it would have to be The 2 Big A’s: Awareness, and Action.

Nonviolent Communication: Healing Our Lives & Our Planet with Rachelle Lamb

    What is important?What deepens our lives? What does it mean to be human?   As a teacher and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Rachelle Lamb has devoted over 40 years to these questions. I discovered Rachelle’s body of work while doing research for my book, and a was compelled to leave her a […]

Radical Alignment: A Framework for Game-Changing Conversations (#28)

> Our lives and well-being are intimately connected to the people we interact with the most. With the leaders I coach, their lives and businesses are held together by relationships. We talk a lot about our families at home, our families at work, and how important it is to stay in sync with the people […]