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How a Mystic Expanded my Thinking on Work + Career

I was blessed with a spiritual experience on Saturday evening. The details I’ll keep close to my heart, but I need to share these critically important insights.

The timing of this transmission is auspicious— because we feel anything can (and likely will) change at any moment.

We must harness and focus the restless energy in our world toward working in our true Life Path, or highest possible expression.

Teaching and leading meditation is my highest and best work.

We play many roles throughout a lifetime, and we are blessed if our work impacts others in some small way. Many of us here are leaders, so we have the added responsibility of navigating toward our best work.

As many of us either struggle to make sense of a new decade, and how we want our careers to unfold, or others get bored or restless with ongoing success, we need to zoom the lens out.

We can design another year or decade from our head. zzz zzz zzz

This is the usual goal-setting that results in incremental improvements, or a more ambitious status quo. The full spectrum of coaching clients I work with however, reflect back to me that something wholly different is emerging.

Goals and milestones feel very linear, like time. But expansion is geometric, and life paths are built on sacred geometry. We can transcend the small limits of ‘what we do’ and integrate them seamlessly into Who We Are.

Isn’t that the dream? To get paid and provide for being ourselves— while contributing to the greater good? By being ourselves and working from that sacred space, we inspire and uplift others to do the same.

Granting ourselves Permission to Glow in the Dark grants everyone around us the same. As 1 glows, many more will glow.

Work is where we turn our talents into value, which flows back to us as rewards. Financially of course, but also in connection, meaning, and impact. There are many currencies for a job well done.

Money matters for sure, but it is the most base currency. Meaning and impact matter more.

We can get tricked into small thinking around our work. We’ve all been there. “If I don’t get this job, or land this client/customer, or deliver this project, I’ll end up in financial ruin. I’ll let everyone down.”

Attachment to results shows up in all areas of our lives.

“If I don’t find this lover, or create a decent piece of art, or <insert generating some result>, I will lose time or money.”

Work and career seems to nag at us the loudest, because so much of our identity gets wrapped up in it. The Industrial Age created our concept of the 40 hr workweek, which dupes us into thinking “I spend so much time here, hence I am what I do.” We recoil when we’re asked, “So, what do you DO?” because our Soul feels confined to how we pay our bills.

Are we enough? Am I enough, separate from my title? What I’ve seen is often the bigger the title, we may wonder if the person asking actually cares about us, the multi-faceted human being beyond the title. Or, are they about to pitch me?

There were a few messages I received the other evening.

The woman who dropped this wisdom can only be considered a Mystic. These were responses to my questions, which come from my own journey in moving to my highest and best work.

These are excellent reminders that everything is ultimately spiritual work, and that we can tap into work as spiritual effort. This gives everything purpose, and opens the door to serving many, many souls beyond who we happen to work for.


  • Expand and elevate what you think of as “work”, “job”, or “career.” We have entered an Age of Vocation.

    Rather than thinking about what you will do for money this coming year, or your next career move, try listening to your body. What is the work that ripples through you as a “Whole Body YES!”?

    If money and safety were completely assured, what would you be contributing to the world?

    If it was impossible for you to flake on your responsibilities— you will exceed everyone’s expectations regardless— what would be the most exhilarating way to turn your talents into value?

    Who would be grateful to work with you?

    What are you truly here on the planet to create?

    What aspects of your current role allow you to express some of those gifts?

    Optimize toward more of those, and less toward the mundane, soul-sucking stuff. Just because it drains you doesn’t mean others wouldn’t kill for a chance to take some of it off your plate. It’s just not YOUR work.
  • You are already doing EXACTLY what is being asked of you— no more, no less. You are already becoming. The goal is to refine your path toward your ultimate vocation.

    Thank you for putting all your time in so far. Thank you for learning all your lessons in your current role. You are the leading edge of consciousness expressing in the world. Simply by showing up each day.

    From this place of understanding, what can you be grateful for? Gratitude amplifies the best parts of What Is, and leads you to What Could Be.

    Rather than resisting where you are, what can you revel in? What happened this week that you once thought was impossible? Who is there to thank for the privilege of being you?

    When we recall that we can’t get it wrong and there’s nothing to fix, we can get back to the real work of #3.

  • Everything we experience— as best evidenced by the work we get to do each day— is a direct expression of how much we love ourselves.

    This is a really easy concept to blow off.

    I know it sounds fluffy AF. But let me repeat it:

    Loving yourself leads to everything flowing into your experience, including your ultimate dream gig making whatever money you want doing high-vibe work you’d probably do for free.

Cultivate the audacity to LOVE YOURSELF as an act of defiance— not as some temporary reward for hitting some passing achievement.

You are an aspect of Divinity in human form, so Goddess needs us to love ourselves as we love Her. When The Mother receives that love through us, she more easily floods Her love back into our receptive lives.

Loving yourself is not vanity, that’s loving how you look (making self-love contingent on outward appearances). Love yourself as you are— purely eligible from the moment of conception.

See yourself as your most beloved people see you. For when you do, you will glow in this darkness, and you’ll be infinitely more resourceful to respond as God would. Not from some desperate wound of not-enoughness, or powerlessness.

In our work lives, it’s easy to love ourselves when we get the promotion, or land the client.

What if you made loving yourself
the absolute precursor to
everything this year?

NOTE: I’m happy to share exactly how my clients (and myself) create breakthroughs in self-love. There are many practices. Simply comment below, or message me through the contact form.

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