To Self

Are you able to hear, and act upon what your inner voice is telling you? To hear the wisdom your body is speaking.

To 1 Another

Find your fiercest allies. Those souls you can call to remind you who you are. To support, and be supported.

To All That Is

Align, and ingratiate yourself to something so much larger and benevolent than you.

This Epic Life is driven by questions.

Here are a few questions often asked by myself, and my coaching clients— typically executives, founders, or conscious parents looking to create positive change.


How do I align my work with what lights me up?



Or, put another way…


How do I get paid to be ME?

The good (and challenging) news is that we have the perfect opportunity in our post-COVID, high-uncertainty world.

What if we’re being forced to realign our work with our highest values?

What if resisting our work just won’t cut it anymore?

Elevating individuals and organizations is why This Epic Life exists. It’s why I’ve trained extensively as a coach, and why I gather amazing leaders in deeply-immersive retreat settings.

Our services range from coaching, to group programs, and Meditation training. Our flagship event, This Epic Retreat, is one of the best retreat experiences available.

This Epic Life was named as a nod to what I call my epic" nature. My legendary Grandfather had the same gene. I’m either disinterested, or So Completely All The Way Obsessed.

What makes your life, or your career

Do we need to choose between Family, or Career? 


Between our Health, or doing something we love? 


Many of us share this struggle. Balancing our lives seems to be really difficult, if not entirely impossible.

Spoiler Alert: Balancing our busy lives, particularly in a pandemic, is impossible. However, I’m happy to share case studies of countless leaders who pursue, and achieve what I call: “Full-Life Integration™”.

I never handled it well when people told me “you can’t have it all”, or “you need to choose”. I wanted to pelt them in the face with Skittles.

It is our responsibility to bringing all of ourselves to our work. In doing so, we can find the audacity to be part of the solution for a world in need.

You are in the right place.

You’re waiting to be, what you already are—You’re the only one left in your way.”

– Josh Clayton-Felt

My hope is that you’ll find plenty of free, powerful tools and resources to help you on your journey. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

[kristoffer [at] thisepiclife .com]

Please check out our brand-new Manifesto if you haven’t yet. It summarizes what we are passionate about in our work, and how we will support you in creating what you’re here to create.

This is About How We Contribute To The World We Deserve.

This wild season of COVID. It too, shall pass. We will meet up again in packed rooms where all possibilities explode. Until then, our team regularly delivers world-class virtual experiences.


Get started with our free workbooks

Mindset Practices

Mindset is the battlefield of life and business. Master your mindset, and you’ve mastered the game. These are 6 essential practices for leaders.

Your Ideal Morning

Everything begins and ends with your morning routine. Design and deliver your Ideal Morning, and you’ll be well on your way. Step by step process.

Up-level Your Team

9 years of building an award-winning team culture in just a handful of pages. Learn, and implement the 7 essentials to scaling a powerhouse team.


is to help Conscious Leaders Connect—
to themselves, to 1 another, and to All That Is.


  • Ease
  • Power
  • Dynamism
  • Divinity
  • Shepherd



About Kristoffer


Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is a spiritual teacher at the intersection of consciousness and business. He is the founder of This Epic Life, a website and podcast devoted to conscious living, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. As a meditation teacher and workshop designer, KC has 6,500 active students on Insight Timer, with 120K streams.


As an executive coach, Kristoffer works with leaders at Amazon, AT&T, Avery-Dennison, and many start-ups and mid-sized multi-generational family businesses.


Kristoffer is also an accomplished international speaker, emcee, and retreat leader whose work has appeared in Business Insider, onstage at TEDx and Wisdom 2.0, and in countless other events. Permission to Glow is his first book.


Kristoffer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and rhetoric from Kent State University and is a certified professional coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


He is a disciple of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, through Self-Realization Fellowship, and their lineage of masters. Touring as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his teens, Kristoffer continues to write songs and produce his teenage daughter’s band. He lives in Akron, OH with his wife of twenty-two years and their three children.


Kristoffer built his experience with Centro, who won the #1 Best Place to Work in Fortune Magazine, Advertising Age, and for an unprecedented four straight years by Crains’ Business Chicago.




Presence is mandatory for fulfillment. If our work doesn’t resonate deep in The Feels, we’re not there yet.


We create experiences that crackle and sparkle with life. Our work must radiate passion.


Our family is our core motivator, so your family expands when we work together. We pursue trust, and deep-belly laughs.


Designing our client experiences is our highest expression, and we serve them up like searing finger-tapping guitar solos.


We’re going to have fun, but we gotta go deep. We work harder on ourselves than we allow anyone, or anything to work on us.