Watch the 5-minute course overview below!

I’m so excited to announce my flagship program: Your Signature Impact.

I’d love for you to watch the 5-minute course overview above There’s also a link to a replay of our webinar from this week if you missed it.

To everyone who was able to attend live on Thursday, 11.20…. WOW.

Thank you so much for bearing with me as a zipped through my latest obsession around #IMPACT.

If you couldn’t make it, I’m so excited to share this next-level REPLAY with you.
I say next-level cuz our team #KILLEDIT. It’s a gorgeous production start to finish, with full camera sharing, beautiful design, lots of raw emotion, and #FUN.

Really hope you watch it, because the response so far is that it’s changing lives. I know, pretty audacious to say that right?

Guess you’ll have to peep to see if I’m blowing smoke… Lol.

In it you will learn…

  • Actionable frameworks for building your platform of #IMPACT.
  • Why it’s irresponsible to inspire people without enabling their action
  • The 5 Things that highly impact-ful people do, and how you can leverage those to write, speak, teach, and profit.
  • How to never speak for free ever again, and use every engagement to deepen your lasting impact.
  • Case studies from Eminem, to Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey and more.


$150 off for replay attendees…

The response to the Your Signature Impact – Accelerator program has been astonishing. I’m completely floored by the applications that are coming in from around the globe.

As an added incentive to get your application in THIS WEEKEND (by midnight Sunday, please)… I am offering a $150 Discount to this list.

*Please note, I originally made this incentive to *live attendees only*, until I realized that there were many close friends and family who couldn’t attend for one reason or another. That’s the truth… I didn’t want to have to charge the full tuition if you had to bail on the live event.

So, because you took a shot and registered for the webinar… I’d love to extend the $150 discount if your application is accepted.

But please, *and this isn’t some fake scarcity tactic* – Do not wait. I’m accepting rockstar people on a rolling basis as I review applications, and will be capping the roster at 30 people. Learn more…


Picture kicking off 2015…

With a thoroughly vetted, tight cohort of co-visionaries in an accelerated learning environment. Facilitated by a proven Impact Catalyst…

All of us laser-focused on identifying your signature impact, and creating an actionable plan to get you there…


Will you be among us?

You can download the extensive course catalog here

Or, if this feels right, skip that and APPLY NOW.
Much love to your weekend, and THANK YOU for making this an unforgettable week! I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

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