How did meditation first save, and then amplify my life?

It’s all here in this video. More info below.

When we have increasingly little time to prepare, we must trust that we’ve been preparing our entire lives.

Wanted to make this available to my tribe, as it summarizes everything you need to know about the power of #MEDITATION, and the power of balancing your chaotic business/family/personal life. If I had to point to 1 thing that completely switched up my life for the better, it would be discovering (AND PRACTICING) meditation.

The lovely souls at the Center For Spiritual Living, Kansas City invited me into speak a couple weeks back.

Every once in a while, when all the static has been quelled, we’re able to Speak Your Truth with pure authenticity and zero restraint. This was one of those blessed events for me. It helped that I led daily morning meditations in Costa Rica for Good Life Project the week prior. :) Amazing couple weeks.

A Wonderwoman Supercoach in our community here, the kickass Laura Neff had these humbling words about this talk:

“So honored to have crossed paths with this bright, deep, wise, humble, real, hilarious, warm, smart, huge-hearted guy in 2013. My life is definitely evolving as a result of his impact. If you take the time to watch this talk, I think you’ll see why!”

Right back at you, Laura. See nothing but greatness in you. Special thanks to my friend and mentor Dr. Chris Michaels.

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