My name is



I live to be inspired. And I believe rapid-growth businesses require inspired cultures.


Meditation and integration are crucial

I believe that business + soul is unstoppable, and I have proof. Meditation and integration are crucial to keeping pace in the digital age. I believe we're all here to pull one another up out of the grind.


Overwhelmed in pursuing meaningful work? Barely maintaining the presence it takes to enjoy your success? Secretly wondering if you're the only one who bothered waking up before coming to work? Tired of letting your workday or clients drag you around by your hair?




Free multimedia manual on upgrading your lens, defining your non-negotiables, and achieving Full-Life Integration™.




Free video course to solidify your life-changing habit. Join thousands who have conquered the 30-day challenge.




Apply for the 5-week accelerator designed to align, and maximize the impact of your business.


Susan Lustenberger Founder, ConsciouslyProsper.comSusan Lustenberger
In the last year, I have spent well over $10,000 on various business workshops. I can easily say that what KC did for me was by far the best.
Karen Wright MCC, CHC; Author of The Complete ExecutiveKaren Wright
MCC, CHC; Author of The Complete Executive
KC brings his personal habits, practices and disciplines for health, reflection and building brilliant relationships into his work: helping companies create culture that inspires, energizes & drives results.
Derek Flanzraich Founder & CEO, Greatist.comDerek Flanzraich
Founder & CEO,
KC came into Greatist HQ & rocked the place. Everyone loved it. I wrote down: 'happiness is the nuclear reactor that drives all of it' because HECK YEAH!
Bob Gower Author of Agile Business: A Leader's Guide to Harnessing ComplexityBob Gower
Author of Agile Business: A Leader's Guide to Harnessing Complexity
Unbounded Energy are the first words that come to mind when I think about KC. He’s helped me the most in developing clarity around how to approach tough problems with enthusiasm for actually Doing The Work.
Liz Scully Founder, Rethink RetreatsLiz Scully
Founder, Rethink Retreats
With his deep experience of mentoring people at his company and designing gorgeous learning material - knowledge is received quickly and clearly. With his immense energy you feel spurred to achieve more than you thought possible.
Eric Zimmer Creator, One You Feed - PodcastEric Zimmer
Creator, One You Feed - Podcast
There’s an old phrase that says you should follow people who have what you want. KC has what all of us want: energy, happiness, focus, and a full, rich life… And he has the gift of being able to teach and inspire.
Jonathan Fields Author, Founder of Good Life Project™Jonathan Fields
Author, Founder of Good Life Project™
KC is that rare integration of deep, non-dogmatic spirituality and practical "get it done" tools and processes. What I love is that he speaks from a place of boots-on-the-ground experimentation and validation.
Rachel Gogos Founder & CEO, brandID, MyPath101Rachel Gogos
Founder & CEO, brandID, MyPath101
Each interaction with KC infuses me, and those all around, with his contagious energy. On several occasions he has presented options that I just couldn't see.



Welcome to This Epic Life, a home for joy-seeking entrepreneurs and high-impact people. If you've noticed that maintaining presence is a key to enjoying the business, family, or impact you're building, you are in the right place. Here, we nerd out on Full-Life Integration™ and creating Your Signature Impact™. We also laugh. A lot.

I'm KC, and I'd love to be a catalyst on this leg of your journey. I believe in bringing the entirety of ourselves to our work; to have our business completely integrated with our Non-Negotiables, or sacred life ingredients that can't be removed, or substituted. I create resources & experiences that make your soul central to your success.

Over the last 3 years I've become (even more) obsessed with radical self-care, which led to my initiation as a Kriyaban yogi, and my work as a meditation expert for Good Life Project™ and rapid-growth start-ups. I share reflections of my self-awakening, and strategies to help your business emanate joy, and success.